Out of Gas

Let’s say you are driving your car and the gas light comes on, you could keep driving and deal with it when you run out of gas. I mean who knows where you will end up and how far it will leave you from civilization or your destination; however you could always stop at the next gas station which may be a detour and fill up to get back on track.  Perhaps even better you could evaluate your trip in advance and plan the route with the right stops for refueling.

Let’s say this isn’t a car let’s say it’s something to do with your health. Do you just keep going until the system in question gives out and you have to rehabilitate or do you stop to take stock, and figure out and fix what is wrong?

Try to plan ahead but also build into your plan or approach a way to avoid complete failure to avoid a system failure.  Sometime you need a break whether it be at work or at the gym.  you can take vacation at work or meditate to manage stress, you can take a deload week at the gym to prevent overload and injury.  Finally looking at your health you can take stock of your issues and habits and change them to avoid a lifetime of medications and complications.

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