Wingin’ It

There is a lot to be said for the ability to adapt to change or wing it.  I don’t believe that wingin’ it belongs in the gym however.  The gym is a time and place for structure and planning.  It is a place to focus on maintaining your strengths and conquering your weakness.  Having a plan when you get to the gym allows you to focus on just that, staying strong, getting stronger and conquering weakness. Structure in the gym is your foundation for adaptation outside of the gym.

In life you will be faced with many different situations everyday. You get plenty of chances to wing it in everyday life.  Take for example all of the structured balance focused training you did in the gym. That training will certainly pay off when you trip on the curb and have catch yourself to prevent a fall.  Think about all of the deadlifts, squats, cleans, pushups, 200M sprints and other exercises you complete, day in and day out, creating a structured foundation and committing to muscle memory.  Now apply that to all of the situations you experience in a day in which that training is thoughtlessly applied, that 200M sprint to catch the bus at the end of the next block on your commute home. That bag of dog food you grab up from the floor and clean to your shoulder to carry or load in your car.

The structure of the gym applies to the uncertainty of daily living.  Life will throw you enough curve balls, don’t let your workouts do the same.  Prepare, work with a coach, a trainer, do a WOD, anything that is structured. Do whatever it takes to know what you will be doing before you get to the gym so when you get there all you have to concentrate on is doing it well or doing it better.