It is definitely a good idea to take a step back with anything you are preparing to do and set realistic expectations. You also need to make sure that you coordinate these expectations when you are in a relationship. I’ve found that maintaining discipline and consistency are impossible if you and your family are not in the same frame of mind. It’s not an excuse but a reality. If you and your significant other cannot come to an exacting agreement on a plan for discipline and routine then anything you want to do is destined to fail. Based on what you can agree on then you need to set realistic expectations.

I’m not saying scrap your dreams. I’m saying there is only so much you can do and you should plan within those boundaries. You can still create an optimal plan for your goals but you need to have an initial level setting of expectations for yourself and for those who are part of your life. Family is important but you also need to remember you are important. So discuss your goals and reasons and get everyone one the same page.

Once you know the framework you have to work in you can be more certain to meet your expectations and can be more innovative about how you fit in what needs to be done.

For example you want to train bench, deadlift, squat and overhead press. What many refer to as the “big 4” movements. You may not have four separate days to train these movements maybe you have 2 days you are going to need to alter your programming to fit that and to be optimal in that. You may have to cut things out but once again you have the expected framework to fit it all into.

Now you will know what you want, what is needed to get it done and where it fits. Always try to approach things in life with first setting expectations it works for more than just training.

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