Divinity of Purpose

Divinity of Purpose:

So to steal my title from the title of a Hatebreed song, Divinity of Purpose.  There is a sense of contentment that you get from having purpose and I have found few activities that provide a sense purpose quite like strength training.

Taking that barbell and crushing weights according to your programming provides an incredible sense of accomplishment, a feeling of self worth and a sense simplicity to life.

When its just me and the barbell and that’s the only thing in the world for 20 to 60 minutes, I find a clarity that is rare in today’s world of information overload.  It’s a period of time to disconnect from everything and reconnect with yourself, a chance to find yourself in reps and lbs.  Working out with a plan is to have a purpose even if it is only for the duration of the training.

Seek Divinity of Purpose.  Train with a goal, train with a plan and find yourself with a barbell.