Stepping Up

Sometimes you reach a plateau.  Reaching a plateau is not always due to under training or over training and rarely if ever is is due to the programming, most of the time it is mental. It could be fear, it could be laziness, it could be lack of time, perhaps life or work are in the way.  Sometimes you just need to step up and get things done.  If progress is important you need to assess what is your current impediment. Step up and own why and how and then you can address it.  Most likely if you started with a program that has produced results and has decent progression its not the program, if you have only been doing the program for a few months and you’re already switching then its probably you and not your program.  So let’s assume its not your program but something else.  You need to step up and assess what is really going on.

A few considerations:

  • Do you sleep 7 to 8 hours?
  • Do you hit happy hour?
  • Do you manage stress?
  • Do you hit the gym everyday?
  • Do you hit the gym once in a while?
  • Do you wake up tired?

Ask yourself some questions like these.  Step up and assess yourself. Don’t let you hold yourself back.