Pain Theory

Pain is a tool. It measures what you’ve done and is scaled so that you understand when you’ve done enough or that you’ve done too much. It is your ultimate measure of progression or regression. Know your pain, as it is an invaluable tool. The right amount of pain cries, “SUCCESS!” Like the pain in the morning after a good workout, the dull ache that proclaims I’m not hurt, I’m sore but getting stronger. This pain helps to not only measure success but is a guide to what you can do next or more importantly what you shouldn’t do yet.  Let it guide you but not own you. Know your pain. There is the screaming pain that alerts you that you’ve gone far enough and that anymore is too far and too dangerous. Then there is the nagging sometimes acute pain that indicates a flaw in the system, that kink in your neck or that pain in your wrist reminding you, you’ve overdone some movement or your posture is compromised. Finally there is the agonizing pain that indicates you’ve gone too far, you have finally done it and now you are injured.

Know your pain. It is a tool by which to measure your progression and regression.