The last several months have been bad. I’m not going to sugar coat it because that would be a disservice to myself. While there have been external forces at work the majority of my current dilemma is my own. I was injured doing Crossfit and ended up quitting because to spend the money and not go was stupid.

I have struggled to get into anything resembling a routine. Except maybe the consistency with which I was able to make it to happy hour on the regular.  Food has been a nightmare, crap here and crap there and fried this or gluten that with a beer chaser, pretty bad for a guy that needs to lose weight.
It is so strange how much difficulty I am having getting into a routine. Routines are my thing. Well one thing I need to do is say “no” more often and “no more” a lot more often.
With each struggle and challenge however it is our duty to reevaluate and challenge our selves to step up. Failure is simply giving up that I won’t do.