2018-10-17 Control vs. Responsibility

We all want control. It’s a pretty simple drive for a lot of us in the human race. I want be in control of my destiny, my future, my health, my diet, my mindset and so on and so on. The problem I tend to see is that most of who want control are afraid to take responsibility. If you want to take leadership or control of a project in the IT world or any profession really you are also responsible for its success or failure. Control and responsibility are a package deal. Ultimately anything you control you are responsible for and if you don’t accept that responsibility you are not in control, period.

So next time you want to take charge you had best be prepared to be responsible, they are not mutually exclusive.

2018-04-26 Excuses, excuses.

So the other day I hustled up 2 flights of stairs and was left a little winded. I was like who the hell am I that 25ish stairs leaves me huffing and puffing. Instantly 100 excuses flood my mind, you were busy on this last flood of projects, you helped support a company purchase and well there’s happy hour and victory celebrations for successful launches. However at the heart of it is just that excuses. I have no excuse, I own a nice rowing machines and could snag a tabata session any time I want was my bed to comfy, no I was lazy and allowed excuses to rule my actions. It comes down to discipline. I do this thing now and and I don’t do this, that or the other thing until it’s done. Discipline and prioritizing.

Stop making excuses maintain your discipline.

2018-03-23 ‘Supp

Supplements: I pretty much believed that if you eat right and and you get some sun and exercise you’d be fine. However over the years while I did things right and still gained weight and have tried a lot of things I’m not sure this is the case anymore. There seems to be a lot of strong evidence that our food doesn’t contain the same level of micronutrients it once did. Like I said I’ve tried a lot of things and many of them made me feel a little better. Gluten Free, alcohol free and even paleo. All of these made a minor impact to what I was feeling. Still eating right and avoiding the bad stuff I never felt the energy levels I knew or at least believed I should be at until I tried a little supplementation. I don’t do too much but I feel I’ve experienced tremendous benefit from a few specific supplements. I am now taking Calcium D-glucarate, kelp(for iodine) magnesium and selenium. I only started a few days ago but this combination seems to peak my energy. I sleep better, I wake up with fewer aches and pains and my energy levels are peaked and don’t seem to plummet all day. Now with that being said it’s only been a few days so I intend to Follow-Up in a few weeks but I feel pretty amazing these last few days and I hope it continues. Don’t try this on your own supplements can have harmful interactions or side effects based on your personal situation so always consult your healthcare professional before introducing any supplements into your regimen.

Out of Gas

Let’s say you are driving your car and the gas light comes on, you could keep driving and deal with it when you run out of gas. I mean who knows where you will end up and how far it will leave you from civilization or your destination; however you could always stop at the next gas station which may be a detour and fill up to get back on track.  Perhaps even better you could evaluate your trip in advance and plan the route with the right stops for refueling.

Let’s say this isn’t a car let’s say it’s something to do with your health. Do you just keep going until the system in question gives out and you have to rehabilitate or do you stop to take stock, and figure out and fix what is wrong?

Try to plan ahead but also build into your plan or approach a way to avoid complete failure to avoid a system failure.  Sometime you need a break whether it be at work or at the gym.  you can take vacation at work or meditate to manage stress, you can take a deload week at the gym to prevent overload and injury.  Finally looking at your health you can take stock of your issues and habits and change them to avoid a lifetime of medications and complications.


It is definitely a good idea to take a step back with anything you are preparing to do and set realistic expectations. You also need to make sure that you coordinate these expectations when you are in a relationship. I’ve found that maintaining discipline and consistency are impossible if you and your family are not in the same frame of mind. It’s not an excuse but a reality. If you and your significant other cannot come to an exacting agreement on a plan for discipline and routine then anything you want to do is destined to fail. Based on what you can agree on then you need to set realistic expectations.

I’m not saying scrap your dreams. I’m saying there is only so much you can do and you should plan within those boundaries. You can still create an optimal plan for your goals but you need to have an initial level setting of expectations for yourself and for those who are part of your life. Family is important but you also need to remember you are important. So discuss your goals and reasons and get everyone one the same page.

Once you know the framework you have to work in you can be more certain to meet your expectations and can be more innovative about how you fit in what needs to be done.

For example you want to train bench, deadlift, squat and overhead press. What many refer to as the “big 4” movements. You may not have four separate days to train these movements maybe you have 2 days you are going to need to alter your programming to fit that and to be optimal in that. You may have to cut things out but once again you have the expected framework to fit it all into.

Now you will know what you want, what is needed to get it done and where it fits. Always try to approach things in life with first setting expectations it works for more than just training.

Starting Strong

Starting Strong.  This is not going to be a post about blasting your way into murderous workouts or crippling routines.  This is going to be about how I got started, what I did and what I believe it is the reason I am relatively pain free and still getting stronger. With that being said, I am not a doctor so consult a physician before beginning any exercise/training program, take your health seriously and be certain you are prepared by first seeing a doctor.  Now with that out of the way.

So for simplicity sake, let’s just say I was in shape, then I wasn’t, then I was in shape and now I’m not. Weighing in at 305 a few months ago was a big big wake-up call. Something had to change.  The problem is getting started.  You see at this level of poor shape, you can severely set yourself back by going too hard.

This is where I am directing my attention, Starting Strong.  When I say Starting Strong I’m talking about starting out in such a way that you make progress without set-backs and you prepare you body to deal with increased strength and increased load over time.  Training stresses the body, and that fact is the entire point if you want to get bigger and stronger.  However if your body is unprepared for the types of stress you are about to activate you can over stress your body before it is ready and that can lead to injury. Now I’m not talking about over-training, which is a huge buzz phrase in the fitness industry these days and it has its place.  So no I’m not talking about over-training.  I’m talking about unpreparedness.

So in the beginning you need to check your ego and ignore those around you. In order to be successful you need take this time, your training time to focus on yourself, to start simple to Start Strong.  Simply said if you haven’t done push-ups in a few years and and you begin banging out several sets of 20 reps back to back, not only will you be sore but you can potentially injure yourself in fact I’ve done it. Sore shoulders suck, they affect your sleep, your mobility and a ton of everyday activities.  Sure you also need to warm up, but honestly you need to take stock of the types of movements you want or intend to do in your training program and prepare those muscle groups and movement patterns in a way that mitigates possible injury. Focus not only on training but mobility and hell even breathing but I’ll save that for another post.

I’ll circle back to push-ups.  Push-ups are great. They work almost the entire body which is great for general strength and conditioning but they also put a lot of load on the shoulders and to get the most benefit out of them you need to do a significant amount which also means repetitively stressing the shoulders.  In order to Start Strong take real stock in your conditioning and lighten the load or rep count.  Start with push-ups from your knees to prepare the muscles, ligaments and tendons for the load you intend to apply in the future.  If it has been a really long time perhaps start with wall push-ups again focusing on the movement pattern and conditioning the body’s response to a lighter load on those areas.

Sample of how I got started:

Week 1 Every Morning:

  • High Knees 30 reps
  • Jog in Place 20 seconds (Swing the arms as if running)
  • Shoulder circles 15 forward/15 backward
  • Push-ups from knees 2 sets of 10 reps
  • Plank 5 seconds for 5 reps
  • Body weight squats 5 reps

(Reason for each of these movements: The High Knees engage the legs and the core as well as initiate balancing.  The Jog in Place gets the blood moving this can be a light exercise, no need to run here. Shoulder Circles loosen and strengthen the shoulders and prep them for upcoming load from the push-ups. Push-ups in my opinion are one of the best overall exercises it engages a lot of muscle groups in the body and is great for general strength. Plank really activates the core and finally, the Body Weight Squats begin the leg and glute strengthening process.  These exercises loosen and strengthen the body preparing it for load.)

Week 2 Every Morning:

  • High Knees 60 reps
  • Jog in Place 30 seconds
  • Shoulder rotation 20 forward/20 backward
  • Push-ups 2 sets 5 reps
  • Plank 10 seconds for 5 reps
  • Body weight squats 10 reps
  • Glute Bridges 10 reps

(Reason for these movements: The previous movements remain the same, we’ve just upped the impact a little and added extra reps in many cases.  The glute bridges are to begin retraining glute activation which is something that most of us are lacking due to our 9-5 desk jobs.)

If week 1 scares you then we have a pre-week workout just for you to get things started.  You can start here and do this until you feel strong enough to take on week 1. You can increase time and reps every week until you are confident to take on week one.

Pre-Week Every Morning every:

  • March in place 20 seconds (only pick the knees up as high as you can but swing your arms as if you were running)
  • Swimmer Arm Circles 10 forward 10 back each arm
  • Wall Push-ups  2 sets of 10 Reps (place you feet to create an angle that provides some load without overloading your strength)
  • Sit-Stand 10 reps.  (This will require a kitchen chair. Sit down Stand up as if you were squatting.)
  • March in place 20 seconds

Here is the truth about training, it will benefit all of us but we also have to work within our limits and not make excuses for things we simply can’t do yet.  There is always a way to modify and prepare for new movements.  The fitness industry tells you that you have to overwhelm yourself; push to the point of puking or breaking but that is just wrong.  Smart training and programming to prepare for the next level is not only better than nearly killing yourself working out it is the first step in smart lifelong training.

Looking back at martial arts training and using how I was taught as a template, I have found that you need to start with the basics before you can move on to the complex stuff.  You don’t teach a martial artist a side kick before he can stand in a proper stance without falling over.  Why would you teach a barbell squat or a bench press before someone can air squat or push-up with proper form and application? You simply shouldn’t.




If you learn to enjoy the journey of the training process as much as you think you’ll enjoy your results, you will never lack results.  Finding a love for your journey will take you very far in every aspect of your life and you will get results without ever having to focus on them.


Progress can’t always be measured in ways we would expect, sometimes you progress in an area completely unforeseen and while this may not have been your goal you need to recognize this as progress.  Take for example you are training shoulders with the goal to get big rounded front and rear delts, you get stronger as expected but there is no size increase.  Then one morning you notice that you’ve been sleeping better and your shoulders and neck aren’t so achy when you wake up.  This is progress. Unexpected but progress all the same.

Don’t let your goals overshadow progress, search for the wins in what you do and don’t focus so much on what you consider losses, you could very well have gained something far better. Something that you simply were not allowing yourself to see.


The last several months have been bad. I’m not going to sugar coat it because that would be a disservice to myself. While there have been external forces at work the majority of my current dilemma is my own. I was injured doing Crossfit and ended up quitting because to spend the money and not go was stupid.

I have struggled to get into anything resembling a routine. Except maybe the consistency with which I was able to make it to happy hour on the regular.  Food has been a nightmare, crap here and crap there and fried this or gluten that with a beer chaser, pretty bad for a guy that needs to lose weight.
It is so strange how much difficulty I am having getting into a routine. Routines are my thing. Well one thing I need to do is say “no” more often and “no more” a lot more often.
With each struggle and challenge however it is our duty to reevaluate and challenge our selves to step up. Failure is simply giving up that I won’t do.