2018-10-17 Control vs. Responsibility

We all want control. It’s a pretty simple drive for a lot of us in the human race. I want be in control of my destiny, my future, my health, my diet, my mindset and so on and so on. The problem I tend to see is that most of who want control are afraid to take responsibility. If you want to take leadership or control of a project in the IT world or any profession really you are also responsible for its success or failure. Control and responsibility are a package deal. Ultimately anything you control you are responsible for and if you don’t accept that responsibility you are not in control, period.

So next time you want to take charge you had best be prepared to be responsible, they are not mutually exclusive.

2018-04-26 Excuses, excuses.

So the other day I hustled up 2 flights of stairs and was left a little winded. I was like who the hell am I that 25ish stairs leaves me huffing and puffing. Instantly 100 excuses flood my mind, you were busy on this last flood of projects, you helped support a company purchase and well there’s happy hour and victory celebrations for successful launches. However at the heart of it is just that excuses. I have no excuse, I own a nice rowing machines and could snag a tabata session any time I want was my bed to comfy, no I was lazy and allowed excuses to rule my actions. It comes down to discipline. I do this thing now and and I don’t do this, that or the other thing until it’s done. Discipline and prioritizing.

Stop making excuses maintain your discipline.

2018-03-23 ‘Supp

Supplements: I pretty much believed that if you eat right and and you get some sun and exercise you’d be fine. However over the years while I did things right and still gained weight and have tried a lot of things I’m not sure this is the case anymore. There seems to be a lot of strong evidence that our food doesn’t contain the same level of micronutrients it once did. Like I said I’ve tried a lot of things and many of them made me feel a little better. Gluten Free, alcohol free and even paleo. All of these made a minor impact to what I was feeling. Still eating right and avoiding the bad stuff I never felt the energy levels I knew or at least believed I should be at until I tried a little supplementation. I don’t do too much but I feel I’ve experienced tremendous benefit from a few specific supplements. I am now taking Calcium D-glucarate, kelp(for iodine) magnesium and selenium. I only started a few days ago but this combination seems to peak my energy. I sleep better, I wake up with fewer aches and pains and my energy levels are peaked and don’t seem to plummet all day. Now with that being said it’s only been a few days so I intend to Follow-Up in a few weeks but I feel pretty amazing these last few days and I hope it continues. Don’t try this on your own supplements can have harmful interactions or side effects based on your personal situation so always consult your healthcare professional before introducing any supplements into your regimen.